Happy Endings Comedy Club is one of the best bucks party entertainment ideas in Sydney, don’t let your mates one turn into a maths convention.

The Sydney Comedy Club is in the perfect venue to start the Bucks Night entertainment on the right foot. Laughing along to a world class comedy show in the best location possible – Kings Cross. All your mates will be seated on the same table for an awesome bachelor party that will be remembered for years. We have hosted bucks parties countless times and always have the same result. We are coming back. just read a review below –

Will organised a Bucks night for his mates on Feb 27th 2016

“It was phenomenal! The guest comedian (I forget his name) was far and away one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

We were in stitches the whole time haha 11/10 would cry of laughter again!

All the staff were lovely as well, had some good chats with them – Thanks, Will”

We have another winner folks – Simon brought the fairy wearing bucks team down on the 21st sept 2013

“Hi All, I am just emailing in regards to a booking i had at Happy Ending’s for Saturday the 21st, for my friends bucks night. I just wanted to pass on my thanks for making it an awesome evening. The entertainment was great and we all got a real kick out of seeing the buck incorporated into the routine! Thanks for an awesome show!

Regards, Simon F”

Here is a Bucks night on Saturday 11th August 2012

“Hi Mark, I’ve actually been meaning to contact you to say thank you.

Everything on the night went really well, and the comedians were all well received. I personally liked how they involved my brother (since it was his bucks night) in some of their jokes but did so in a tasteful manner, without really slagging him which I though showed professionalism and the calibre of the comedian they are.

I would definitely recommend your club to others and will certainly return in the future. Thanks, Adrian”

And another Bucks Night Entertainment review from the 28th July 2012.

“An exceptional evening, the boys really enjoyed themselves, as did I. We had a great evening and I have had many positive e-mails back from the Buck’s Team boys, you will see us all again soon. I’ve already started planning a trip with my long suffering wife for sometime in the next couple of months. Thanks again for a great evening David B (The Glaswegian)”

Here is one from 21st July 2012 – Simon arranged a Bucks Night Party for 7 mates. This is what he had to say….

“Hey Mark, the night went really well. It was an all-round hilarious night so thanks again – will be back. Cheers Simon”

Mr Daniel had a bucks party for one of his mates and 27 other people in mid Feb 2012. On the same night we had another bucks party of 8, The MC Simon Kennedy called for a Buck Off, we’re still not sure what that is, but much fun was had by all. We keep telling you that the Comedy Night at Happy Endings is one of the best things you can do in Sydney. But listen to Mr Daniel instead.

“Hi Happy Endings, everything was fantastic! I’ve had such great feedback from all the guys, they all had a really great time. I really appreciate your assistance in making it all work. Regards, Daniel.”

Get in touch and let us help plan a bucks night entertainment that’s a little different from the usual, with a Happy Ending everyone will like, even the bride.