These are based on, you guessed it, the most frequently asked questions.

Who’s on you ask?

There are more than seven professional international and Australian comedians a night. The standard is world-class, booked by a team of comedy producers with more than 20 years comedy experience. We take your time and effort you spend with us seriously, so you don’t have to. Trust us, it’s that good.

Is there food?

Yes! Well kind of! Currently under construction. It should be ready by June 2023.  And keep in mind you cannot eat during the comedy show. You can’t laugh with food in your mouth! Plus the pizza smells so damn good, it is distracting for others.

Do you have a bar?

Why yes, yes we do. Comedy and a few drinks go hand in hand. We have a fully stocked bar on ground level (our theatre is below ground). You can take drinks down stairs and come and get a fresh one anytime you please. The bar is cash only (no eftpos/credit card).

Are the seats pre-allocated?

No. You will be ushered to a seat and table pending the size of your group. There is no bad seat in the venue. It’s very intimate.

Do we have a table?

Yes you do, it’s much cooler to have a table, and we like cool.

Do you really sell out?

Yes. Most of the time.

Should we pre-book?

We would highly recommend it to avoid an unhappy ending.

Are tickets available on the door?

In theory yes, but in practice the club so often sells out we can’t guarantee they will be available. If you are thinking about coming, please just pre-book, we’d love to have you.

Is it funny?

Nah, Yeah. People really do ask that question.

Do you run events for other venues, functions or clubs?

We sure do, all the time, With nearly two decades of professional comedy experience, you’ll see why Happy Endings and any of our Comedy adventures is a brilliant time out. Get in touch with

We can’t find you! The club looks like a bar, our theatre is below ground. Click here!