• Welcome to one of the world’s most highly regarded comedy clubs

    Every Friday and Saturday Night more than 7 Australian and International professional comedians come down to distort your face. From the biggest names in comedy to the hardest hitting club comedians in the country.  We sell out every single show at Happy Endings Comedy Club – so click on in to see more events.

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    Who’s on you ask?

    There are more than seven professional international and Australian comedians a night. The standard is world-class, booked by a team of comedy producers with more than 20 years comedy experience. We take your time and effort you spend with us seriously, so you don’t have to. Trust us, it’s that good.

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    We’re only a phone call away

    To speak to somebody at Happy Endings Comedy Club, all you need to do is get in touch via our contact page now. We’ll answer any questions that you may have!