Andrew Barnett, Matty B and Scott Dettrick are staples of the Sydney comedy scene and after the national success of their show Three Blokes Telling Jokes they have triumphantly returned to Sydney Comedy Festival with their brand new show If It Ain’t Bloke, Don’t Fix It.

Now if you’ve read this far you’re probably just after some reassurance that this show will be funny and fair enough there’s tons of shows in this festival right? You’re probably saying “who the hell are these guys anyway? I’ve never seen any of them on the telly? Actually I might have seen the one with the long hair on a current affair once”. Most of this is true but you can be assured, people do laugh at them.

If It Ain’t Bloke, Don’t Fix It is a thorough exploration of the magnificent banality that is being a white man in a modern world. It’s got jokes, songs, sketches and the sort of awkward dancing that’s usually reserved for year 10 formals. You could say it’s a joining of three very different comedic forces (and it is) but deep down it’s really just three mates getting together to have a bunch of laughs. They look forward to sharing them with you.

Forget cheap gimmicks, these Aussies just need a mic on stage to make their audience laugh (and you will) Weekend Notes

Andrew Barnett – described by Akmal Saleh as “warm, personable and hilarious”, Andrew is a crowd favorite wherever he performs. With a relaxed style and quick wit he has made audiences laugh all over Australia.

Matty B – who is cementing a reputation across the country as a great joke writer with his likeable, dry, country charm.

Scott Dettrick – a former Mambo art director and wanna be rock star who now supports some of the countries biggest names whilst trying to solve the worlds most trivial problems, one joke at a time.