Jacques Barrett – The Confident Profiler

Jacques Barrett 4

After 10 years of bartending and 12 years of stand-up (some overlap) Jacques has weaponised his ability to sum people up on sight.

His policy? Always judge a book by its cover; that’s the whole point of a cover…

We all have decent intuition when we meet new people but Jacques wants to go deeper. Teaching you how to interpret body language, body art and body odour…Sharpen your ability to identify potentially dangerous stalkers, strangers, and people from Queensland…And soften the edges of your online profiles so prospective employers and life-partners don’t notice your faults until it’s too late.

In just 60 minutes Jacques will show you how to transcend the stigma of being “judgmental” and become The Confident Profiler.

‘Intelligent, articulate, likeable.’ – Herald Sun


Luke Heggie – You’re Not Special

Luke Heggie 5

Everyone wants to believe they’re special. They’re wrong. Luke Heggie is back with another show, this time about some dickheads he met at a barbecue one time. This is a stand up comedy show involving his opinion, which should be your opinion.

No lowbreeds please.

“Deadpan genius..one of the funniest standups around.” – Sydney Morning Herald