SEAN WOODLAND! ! Former Teacher, Postie, Cook, Australian Rules Footballer, World Wide Wanderer and Multi Award Winning Comedian, Sean is rich with experience. He burst onto the Sydney Comedy scene in formidable style, in his first year of comedy won the ‘Quest for the Best’, Australia’s richest open mic comedy competition. He also won the iconic Crows Nest Hotel comedy competition in the same year and finished runner-up in the nationally acclaimed Green Faces comedy competition.

Now years on and Three accoladed National Comedy Festival tours in place the genuine, authentic character, Woody pursues the art with the same dedication he used when walking 1000kms across Spain and when he was lost on foot in the North Pole.

His material is intelligent, relatable and honest, meaning that the shy kid from a place called Yarrawonga now performs internationally and is one of the most sort after club comics in Australia.

Sean’s material is classic comedy, with rapid fire relentless delivery of well-crafted jokes is always a winning formula. Not limited to the stage Sean is a freelance writer and an author, having numerous satirical pieces published in Australian magazines and newspapers and is one of the most sort after club performers in Australia.

With a joke per minute rate rarely seen on a stage, Sean Woodland’s is a comic that will stay with you for a while. A rapid-fire barrage of genuine funnies this irreverent, curious non-conformist recounts truths from his life while cleverly dismantling shallow rituals, vacuousness, tokenism, popular culture and self-help mumbo-jumbo.

An awesome comedian keeping the energy flowing with a barrage of comedy gold.

Not limited to the stage Woody has written books and is also a freelance writer, having numerous satirical pieces published in Australian magazines and newspapers.

Reviews for Sean:

“ ****  FOUR STARS – Has more than the average number of laughs up his sleeve…Do Woodland and yourself a favour and get along.”   The Adelaide Advertiser

“His understated punchlines and observations will resonate for a long time” – RipitUp


Tim Sheens on Sean – “He made Wayne Bennett piss himself the entire show and that’s bloody hard to do”



With John Cruckshank – A brilliant young comedian finding an original stride. John is making huge waves on the national comedy circuit with his clever, sharp and well-paced jokes. His laid back approach sucks you in follow

His unassuming presence and brutal honesty make for continuous laughs, all of which he will thank you for. Banging out the laughs. Simply, Pure comedy.

The delivery, warts and all, is spectacularly funny. His unassuming presence and brutal honesty make for continuous laughs, all of which he will thank you for”  Herald Sun

International Australian comedian Daniel Townes first hit the Sydney comedy scene with his acerbic, intelligent, and laid-back stand-up style in 2003, and quickly made his mark as one of the country’s best live acts and most sought after comedians. His live performances are packed with killer one-liners, insightful social commentary, and dark and hilarious personal stories.

Constantly in demand, he’s performed at the prestigious invite-only Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, and won over audiences worldwide with his dry wit, disarming delivery, and cheeky smile: headlining and hosting at comedy clubs throughout Australia, the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, Spain, Ireland, South Africa, Canada, The Netherlands, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Doha.

Daniel is a regular feature at comedy and fringe festivals around the globe, and has performed a new show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival every year since 2005 – with successful seasons also at Adelaide Fringe, Perth International Comedy Festival, Sydney Fringe Festival, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and Sydney Comedy Festival, where in 2011 he was nominated for Time Out Magazines Sydney’s Best Comedian Award, and the Peoples Choice Award. He’s toured Australia wide with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow since 2007, and hosted the Hong Kong and Singapore tours in 2013.


He was recently featured in the  Buzzfeed list of the funniest comedians to follow on Twitter, and because he likes a challenge, in 2014 he performed at Malmsbury Juvenile Detention Centre just outside of Melbourne.

“Daniel Townes is a small-name comedian with a big talent. It feels like you’re sitting down with a mate, discussing the ridiculousness of life. Townes is genuinely funny, I highly recommend him to anyone tired of seeing big names coast on their reputations.”  – The Age

“It takes real talent to summarize all our shortcomings as a society and still entertain an audience. Luckily, Daniel Townes is a very talented comedian.” – The Music 2015

“A stand-up’s stand-up, he eschews contrived themes and narrative for an hour dense with jokes, searing observation and the odd deliberate groaner. His rapid-fire delivery means you probably get more gags per minute than from any other comic at the Fringe.” – ripitup.com.au

“A breath of fresh air” – Rolling Stone Magazine

“Special mention to Daniel Townes’ laid-back, one-liner comedy for making stand-up look so easy, anyone can do it, right?” – The Music 2016

“Dazzlingly funny.” – Herald Sun 2015

“This highly personal and honest reflection is a touching journey interspersed with top-mark laughs, clever call backs and acerbic social commentary.” – Herald Sun 2014

Disarmingly frank and laugh-out-loud funny, this is a show I would recommend highly.” – Squirrel Comedy 2014

“Townes shows his years of experience as a performer in knowing how and when to throw in the one-liners, non-sequiturs, dad-jokes and call backs” – Arts Hub Perth

Daniel Townes is a fine example of interesting, intelligent and hilarious stand up.” – rhum.org.au

“Fascinating…Freaking hilarious…You’re in absolutely safe hands with this guy.” – RTR FM Perth

“There wasn’t one joke from Townes that didn’t receive a massive response.” – Midwest Times

“What elevates Townes’s set is his skilful turn of phrase, with each little whine encapsulated in a well-judged nugget of wit, nicely rounding off the point he’s making” Chortle (UK)

“Daniel Townes is charming and disarming as much as he is humorous. The trick is to have a whip-crack laugh at the end of the joke, and Townes shows his professionalism by slipping in that ripper almost without ceremony. With any luck he’ll become a regular at future festivals.” -Adelaide Advertiser

“A must see” – Yawp Magazine