Geraldine Hickey (The Librarians – ABC TV, The Comedy Channel – FOX, Triple MMM – Radio) takes us on a brilliantly funny journey as she takes a reflective look back on her life and explores the signs she may have missed along the way to indicate that she is in fact totally gay. A show that proves you’re never too old to find yourself.

IT’S kind of impossible not to like Geraldine Hickey, who succeeds in being funny, filthy and endearing all at the same time.

I dare anyone to see it and not feel the mad urge to clap and cheer and give the woman a great big hug. – Herald Sun

SOMETHING’S happened to Geraldine Hickey and it’s wonderful. – The Age

Gorgeous, filthy and deliciously satisfying. Turns out I do like Sun Dried Tomatoes celebrates the realization that being yourself really beats trying to fit in – Aussie Theatre