Tahir– Probably best known for his award winning character “Habib” from the SBS hit comedy “Pizza”. This man has done it all! He has multiple TV appearances on “The NRL Footy Show”, “Thank God You’re Here” and “ has performed at literally every International Comedy Festival. Staring in the sbs show “Housos” in 2011. Tahir is regarded as one of the finest this nation has ever produced. Witness the incredible writing and delivery of this master of comedy. He is that good.

But becasue we dont know when to stop we also have a double feature with Bruce Griffiths-His writing credits are astonishing, “The Glass House”, “Good News Week”, “Enough Rope With Andrew Denton”, “Club Veg”, the “Doug Mulray Breakfast Program” material for fellow Comic Of The Year winners The Umbilical Brothers’. For Jason Alexander he co-wrote the former “Seinfeld” star’s sell-out “Comedy Christmas”. The credit list goes on and on. But live, Bruce is a one liner genius that has to be seen to be believed. DO NOT MISS HIM! Trust us you will talk about him for days…

And adjudicated by the Sydney born and raised weapon – Jim Rochford’s comedy has been described as “Serious discussion that accidentally ends up as comedy”. With a tongue permanently in cheek, his mischievous, satirical, storytelling approach has been working Sydney Stand up rooms for the past 6 years. In 2005 he was in the final 4 to win $50000 in 2dayfms Australian Comedy God Competition. In 2007 he was a finalist in the Nova 969 Crunchy nut comedy Competition. He won none of these and claims to have evidence they were all rigged but become 2 Day FM’s dynamic duo “The Wagon”. And for tonight Happy Endings will graced with his Radio smooth voice and impossible not to like charm.

Comedy this good will make you give your tv away. So get to it!