It’s a double header! Sean Woodland and Chris Radburn are coming at you with a sneak preview of their Sydney Comedy Festival shows for one night only!

Two killer comedians for one amazing price.


A life spent complying, conforming and pretending to know what he was doing, Sean Woodland did all he thought was expected of him. However, all that trying to be like everyone else did, such as, travelling, buying a house, playing football, drinking beer, pursuing careers, chasing relationships and being a generally agreeable non-confrontationist was make him think he’d lost his marbles.

Slowly, Sean began seeing the funny in his unnecessary willingness to please, embarrassments, bluffs and failures. Not surprisingly, he then found his marbles, grew in confidence and began to really live. The result is a brand new show which shares both, survival techniques for the young and the wisdom which comes from being knocked out by a car park boom gate or humiliating yourself in front of well known public figures. And don’t even get him started on the joy of dinner parties.

Winner – ‘Quest for the Best’ comedy competition

State Finalist – RAW Comedy competition

★★★★ Has more than the average number of laughs up his sleeve…Do Woodland and yourself a favour and get along.” The Adelaide Advertiser – Feb 17th 2014


Remember your first kiss, your first beer, or your first love? Remember the excitement and rush of adrenaline you experienced. What’s your next first going to be? A nude Skydive?

In his brand new stand up show Chris Radburn hilariously examines our unforgettable first experiences.

Former lawyer Chris Radburn has earned a reputation for clever and cheeky observations that are relatable, original and hilarious. Chris has appeared on America’s Hit Show Last Comic Standing, the Sydney Comedy Festival Gala, played the funny guy in countless TV and Film roles, but it is live stand-up comedy where he is at his best.

Chris’ show is hilarious, original and he swears to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Winner – Best of OZ, Spikefest – Spike Milligan Festival.

Winner Triple M ‘One Mic Stand’.

International Finalist – NBC’s Last Comic Standing.

“★★★★ Clever witted observational gagsLikely to strike a chord with anyone willing to not take themselves too seriously. – Feb 2014, The Advertiser