Simply one of the finest comedy makers in Australian history Darren Sanders as seen on his own CH9 Tv Show! – One of Australia’s best comedians appearing on “Rove” as well as “The Comedy Channel” with HIS OWN TV SHOW in 2013/14 – ‘The Darren Sanders Show’.

You’ll be telling each other his jokes for weeks. – In fact Darren delivers one of our favourite jokes from any Australian Comedian.

“Sanders fires everyone up with great gags”. – The Advertiser

“His story telling style is not entirely dissimilar from his hero Billy Connolly”. – Sydney Morning Herald

“It’s Aussie macho humour of the observational variety”. – The Age (Melb)

With Julia Wilson, described by many as the toughest woman in comedy, Julia tours the world with her dubious morals, having plenty of seriously dangerous fun along the way!

Whether it’s being bitten by a lion, stalked by a hippo, getting burnt by a burning hot gun cartridge, or being accosted by an armed hold up convict, Julia has aquired plenty of scars, and certainly isn’t afraid to share them with you! Julia doesn’t just take to the stage, she owns it. Her unique style of storytelling is delivered with such honesty and at a blisteringly energising pace that a shirt full of sore ribs is guaranteed!

Julia has headlined comedy events all over the world, thrilling audiences in Britain, Australia, South Africa, Croatia, Germany and Canada with her dynamic, gutsy performances on stage, tv, radio and film.

“Wilson is as tough as a sack full of nails… takes you on a taste defying ride you won’t forget in a hurry.” – Drum Media, Australia

“Laughter rips through her audiences like wildfire”- ComedyLive, Australia

“Her gags are fired off faster than snakebites in a mongoose cage…There’s nothing like laughing at other people’s misfortunes, and no guilt if you can claim you were scared into it… Be warned.” – TNT Magazine, UK

“Brilliant” – Three Weeks, Scotlandjulia wilson

Plus special guests