Welcome to the Awesome Happy Endings Christmas Party Special – Having sold out every seat last year we intend to make this one at least 18.734543% better. We are not sure how that is possible, being how great it is already, but we will add more awesomeness even if it kills us.

The show has 8+ of the best comedians in the nation dropping by to our Christmas party to blow you away. Happy’s is usually one of the hottest tickets in town, these 2 nights will be incredible.

Bring your mates, your team, your staff or someone you don’t know to one of the finest comedy clubs in the world to celebrate 2 hours of the best comedians knocking the wind out of your laughter contraption.

The shows will include the likes of these comedy weapons – Mick Meredith, Steve Philp, Sam Bowring, and more than you can poke a stick at (NEVER POKE A COMEDIAN WITH A STICK).

Book early to avoid an unhappy ending*

*The Oxford Australian dictionary defines comedy as a work of ”amusing or satirical character, usually with a happy ending”.