Stand Up Dads’ is a brand new Comedy Stage show featuring comedians on fatherhood.
You will love this hysterical look at life if you are a dad, are going to be one, or have a dad!!!

An incredibly funny insight into what makes dad’s dads! Did your father never let you win a game? Does he embarrass the hell out of you in a restaurant? Crack crap jokes, or really funny ones?

Whether you’re laughing with or at your Dad, there’s no doubt he is making you laugh in some way or another. So we thought it was time to bring together 4 of Australia’s funniest comedians who also happen to be a Dad, to make you laugh about all things fatherhood in the highly anticipated Comedy Stage show ‘Stand up Dads’.

‘Stand up Dads’ is a comedy show, featuring stand up, sketch and video from 5 of ‘Australia’s funniest Dads’. It makes fun of everything from the conception window to playground etiquette. The instantly likeable Comedians deliver their original observations about everyday parenting life with precision and hilarity.

So join Comedians Gary Eck (Co-Director Happy Feet 2), Mick Meredith (Footy Show), Simon Kennedy (The Morning Show) host Chris Radburn (2GB’s ‘The Bounce’).
Desh (international comedy star) and Toby Coleman.

Between these comedians they have been on nearly every funny TV and radio show produced in the last 10 years including Spicks & Specks, Good News Week, The Footy Show, Thursday Night Live and Stand up Australia.

Don’t miss this rare treat to have Comedians of this Calibre in the same place at the same time!