Trevor is a comedian, a dam good comedian, a comedian that has made it in the UK, big style. Joined by comedians that are simply headliners themselves.

Trevor Crook– Residing in the UK and here for a brief time only. Think of all the bizarre episodes of CSI you have seen, jumble them up into one episode, make it a live stage show and you have Trevor Crook!!! Weird, Weird Man!!!!Another Aussie who has made it big in the UK. Critically acclaimed as one of our best. Don’t miss him as he is like a leap year. A one in Four shot of catching him!

With Ray Badran – A brilliant young comedian that is impossible to not like. Ray Is rapidly becoming the next big thing in stand-up comedy. Just back from a tour in the USA after and a performing a sellout run at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Jacques Barrett – One of the hottest comedians in Australia right now and back briefly from an European and South African tour. Jacques is among a talented bunch Australian stars who’s unique brand of performance take a crowd on a journey they never thought possible. A style of comedy that is at once original but widely accessible. A comedian that never leaves an audience disappointed with huge laughs and poignant cutting edge narratives and punchy delivery – Yep we really like Jacques and so will you. Catch him before he leaves again for the national comedy festival circuit. As heard as the co-host of 2day FM’s late night comedy show “the Wagon”, channel 9’s “Ralph TV”

“Pretty damn impressive. ****” Time Out Sydney