Happy Endings brings you another international – Bryan O’Gorman’s comedic style is a unique blend of writing, physicality and character work that will leave you leaking fluids you didn’t know you had. A staple in the Canadian comedy scene, Bryan has quickly become one of the hottest comics in this dimension and hopes to one day do the Queen in a hot tub full of marmalade.

Of his many credits, a few include being featured on MTV, National Lampoon Radio, Sirius XM radio, The Comedy Network, the Toronto Star, and several other things that are equally as trivial compared to the 3 day erection he gets from doing live stand-up comedy for you.

“He’s funny and shit” -Sarah Silverman

“Relevant, unique and wonderfully unhinged” -The Georgia Straight

“Fresh and funny. A borderless spectacle with a lot of heart” -Toronto Sun

With Jacques Barrett, Briefly back in OZ from a world tour, catch him before he leaves again for South Africa, The UK and Beyond. Jacques has been carving up stages with his brand of insightful observational and impressionistic comedy for eight years now. On the forefront of Sydney’s rapidly expanding comedy scene, Jacques is among a talented bunch of rising Australian stars who’s unique brand of performance take a crowd on a journey they never thought possible.

“Clever… A genuine talent” Herald Sun

“The bastard child of a really good comedian and another really good comedian.” Dave Callan

“One of my favorites. He brings a real sense of joy to the art of comedy. An example of just how good stand up can be.” Greg Fleet

“Pretty damn impressive. ****” Time Out Sydney

And Special Guests Jacques BarrettJacques Barrett