Genuinely amused by the perception that women are not as funny as men, Kat Davidson has often been referred to as ‘the funniest chick I’ve seen’ and has been known to keep working class blokes and high class gals alike gasping with laughter. Katrina started her stand up career in 1997 and has continued her love affair with the stage in the public eye. Tabloid reports say that the relationship is “fiery and passionate” and they have no plans to stop seeing each other.

Katrina brings a fresh and intelligent view to her comedy. She tackles relationships, observations and random events with equal passion and her unique storytelling ability takes her audience with her for the ride.

A professional improviser, she can be heard regularly across the ABC local radio network and has headlined the best clubs in Australia and Canada.

With Michael Hing who has performed at World’s Funniest Island, Homebake and Harvest festivals as well as sold-out audiences at the Sydney Comedy Festival, Melbourne Comedy Festival and Sydney Fringe.

In 2012, he was invited to be a guest panelist on Channel 10’s Can of Worms. Michael’s comedy interweaves themes of social issues like racism and inequality, with personal stories from his life.

And Steve Philp – Steve is the MC of The world’s biggest short film festival 8 years running – Tropfest. In 2011 finalist for Time Out comedian the year. He features on the NRL footy show weekly, Homebake feature comedian 2012 and is one of the most in demand comedians in the nation.

‘A Natural…one of the funniest acts of the night’ – Sun Herald

Plus Special Guests Steve Philp