Steady-Eddy-11Steady Eddy – If you don’t know who this guy is, it’s time for a comedy education. Steady has done everything from TV to Film to Radio to Abseiling in Nepal!! Undoubtedly history will always regard this man as one of the most astounding stories of Showbiz worldwide!! Stand Up comedy is tough, but try doing with Cerebral Palsy!

Steady Eddy worked in Comedy in January 1991. He first appeared on The Midday Show with Ray Martin in March 1992 after there followed by over a dozen appearances. He was soon picked up by Steve Vizard and when he appeared on Tonight Live, Steady stole the show and ousted Steve from the host’s hot seat. He followed this by a further 9 appearances.
Steady embarked on his first “Tour” in August/September 1992 playing to capacity houses around NSW and Victoria. He then went a step further to a National Tour of Australia in April 1993, including a week in New Zealand of which was sold out before he’d even arrived!! This was also the year Steady launched his new comedy album “Ready Steady Go!!”
1994 saw Steady pick up the Aria Award for “Best Comedy Album”.

Steady has won the prestigious Mo Awards for New Wave Comedy Performer of the Year (twice) and The Comedy Performer of the Year. He has performed at the Montreal – Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, the Austrian Comedy Festival in Vienna, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the LA Comedy Store. He tours nationally regularly and continues to be the (rather wobbly) benchmark for Australian comedy. If you haven’t seen him before, or even if you have. Get here to see him.

Supported by Wayne Dixon and Daniel Townes.