When you think of Sydney, its expansiveness, its glory, its beauty. Then you think of THE TRAFFIC, the cost, the reality, but still the funny….  This is DAVE JORY. Come and watch.  You’ll love him and then then there is John Cruckshank, trust us, you’ll remember him after you watch him.  And then Steve Philp. One of our favs! The infectious Sydney comic (not in the weird way) was named by a dear friend –  Jiffy, The firestarter, come and see why.

Dave Jory – Since 2003, Dave has performed stand-up comedy everywhere from the military bases of Afghanistan to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. He’s been a regular on Triple J and has appeared on TV shows including The Footy Show, Last Comic Standing, Urban Monkey and Stand Up Australia. In this time he developed in to one of Australia’s funniest and most confident comedians. A prolific writer and always one of the smartest dressed people in the room, Dave Jory is the sort comedian who always brings his A-game. Women want him. Men want to be him. Whatever you do, don’t miss him.

“…had the crowd in a roar of laughter. A definite gem…Jory’s performance delivered everything it promised and then some.” – Drum Media

“Dave Jory is like the Sinatra of stand-up and you’ll certainly get a kick out of him.” Inpress Magazine

“…a generous supply of lovely well-crafted payoffs.”(chortle.co.uk)

“The apex of the night…. Joyful one liners reminiscent of Steven Wright’s cracked absurdity” (Beat Magazine)


With John Cruckshank – A brilliant young comedian finding an original stride. John is making huge waves on the national comedy circuit with his clever, sharp and well-paced jokes. His laid back approach sucks you in follow

His unassuming presence and brutal honesty make for continuous laughs, all of which he will thank you for. Banging out the laughs. Simply, Pure comedy.

The delivery, warts and all, is spectacularly funny. His unassuming presence and brutal honesty make for continuous laughs, all of which he will thank you for”  Herald Sun


Steve Philp – Steve is the MC of The world’s biggest short film festival 8 years running – Tropfest. In 2011 finalist for Time Out comedian the year.  He features on the NRL footy show weekly, works for Australia’s got talent, toured with Tom Green, Ready Steady Cook, and Top gear Australia as the resident audience warm up as well as Homebake feature comedian 2012.

Steve is quickly is one of most in demand comedians in Australia with his all round appeal and style.

‘A Natural…one of the funniest acts of the night’ – Sun Herald