Welcome to the Awesome Happy Endings Christmas Party Special – Having sold out every seat last year we intend to make this one at least 18.7% better. We are not sure how that is possible, being how great it is already, but we will add more awesomeness even if it kills us.

The show has 10+ of the best comedians in the nation dropping by to our Christmas party to blow you away. Happy’s is usually one of the hottest tickets in town, these 2 nights will be incredible.

Bring your mates, your team, your staff or someone you don’t know to one of the finest comedy clubs in the world to celebrate 2 hours of the best comedians knocking the wind out of your laughter contraption.

The shows will include the likes of these comedy weapons – Jackie Loeb – Gary Eck -Michael Workman – Simon Kennedy – Ben Darsow – Chris Radburn – Dave Williams Clint PaddisonAmanda Gray Sean WoodlandRay Badran – David Smiedt – John Cruckshank and a few special surprises dropping by…. also we can’t believe we are so lucky to have the Australian Legend of stage and screen Dennis Crocker as seen countless times on The Don Lane Show, The Graham Kennedy Show, Every Morning show, a few Bar Mitzvah and the back up host for the 22nd Logie awards.

Book early to avoid an unhappy ending*

*The Oxford Australian dictionary defines comedy as a work of ”amusing or satirical character, usually with a happy ending”.