Join Comedians – Tim ‘Rosso’ Ross, Fiona O’loughlin, Peter Berner, Mikey Robins, Tommy Dean, Simon Kennedy, Joel Creasey, Steve Philp, Dave Smiedt, Amanda Gray. And Expert panellists Joe Hildebrand (Telegraph, seen on Q & A), Paul Murray (2ue, Sky News), Mark McCrindle (social research expert), Dr Nikki Goldstein (Sexologist, TV & Radio Guest ), Ugly Phil (2day FM, MMM, Nova) Rachel Corbett (MMM, The Roast, The Punch) Gretel Killeen (Journalist, Novelist, TV Host) At ‘The Social’ – World’s finest comedians join with expert panellists to tear the meat of the big social questions, using a cocktail of fact and opinion as a launch pad for some serious laughs & Roast Mortems! Some questions include – Is Sydney Up Itself? Do we need to give Gen-Y a break? Is Free Speech Free? Is Australia Racist? plus many more Super Nerds & Super Comedians to rattle the cage. Anything could happen at ‘The Social’.

Sat 28th April 9.30pm –wth Fiona O’Loughlin – Joel Creasey – Mark McCrindle and Simon Kennedy.

Friday 4th 8.00pm with Dr Nikki Goldstein – Dave Smiedt – Steve Philp, Ugly Phil and Simon Kennedy.

Sat 5th May 8.00pm with Peter Berner Gretel Killeen – Mick Meredith and Simon Kennedy.

Friday 11th 8.00om with Tommy Dean – Mikey Robbins – Rachel Corbett and Simon Kennedy.

Sat 12th May –8.00pm with Tim ‘Rosso’ Ross – Joe Hildebrand – Paul Murray and Simon Kennedy.