With a joke per minute rate rarely seen on a stage, Sean Woodland’s Me and Mine is a comedy that will stay with you for awhile.

Sane, sober, smitten and a son – in two years. Me and Mine is about him and those close to him. It’s about coming back from the brink and getting sane, sober, smitten and a son – all in just two years, with the help of his wimpy pit bull.

Amidst a rapid-fire barrage of genuine funnies this irreverent, curious non-conformist recounts truths from his life while cleverly dismantling shallow rituals, vacuousness, tokenism, popular culture and self-help mumbo-jumbo.

Me and Mine is the culmination of three years devotion to Sean’s love of comedy, off the back of a further forty years spent directionless and wandering while perpetually befuddled by the world and people in it, but mostly by himself.

Sean Woodland burst onto the Sydney Comedy scene in formidable style and in 2011 won the ‘Quest for the Best’, Australia’s richest open mic comedy competition. He also won the iconic Crows Nest Hotel comedy competition in the same year. In 2012 Sean made the RAW Comedy state final and then finished runner-up in the nationally acclaimed Green Faces comedy competition. A genuine, authentic character, rich in experiences, Sean is more passionate about his pursuit of comic excellence than he ever was about being a public servant or sex toy salesman.

And Special Guest Ray Badran